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Medical Billing Is Critically Important To Your Practice

We have been offering professional medical practice management services for a long time and we are always asked why a practice should invest in our billing services. It is a legitimate question that we are always happy to answer. If you are asking yourself why your practice, no matter what size it may be, should […]

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Real Medical Experts Make The Difference In Coding And Auditing

The communication between a medical professional and their coding team is essential. One misinterpreted code could mean weeks of clean-up work and a significant delay in payment. But when you trust your practice management needs to a company that understands the importance of qualified coding experts, then you can avoid problems and maximize profits.
Coding And […]

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The Details Make The Difference In Practice Management

If you do your own medical billing and practice management, then ask yourself what your success rate is for getting claims accepted on the first submission. Is it 70 percent? Maybe it is 75 or 80 percent? Did you know that every time you submit a claim for payment that is refused, it costs you […]

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Professional Practice Management Will Expand Your Revenue

As professional medical practice managers, we are not shy about discussing ways to help your practice generate more revenue. Your patients rely on you for the best possible care and it is impossible to deliver that level of care when you are constantly worried about the business side of your practice. That is why it […]

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Creating A Reliable Claims Process

As a professional practice management organization, it is our job to create a reliable claims process for our clients that maximizes revenue. When we say that to clients, it sounds impressive. But we can sometimes tell from the blank stares we get in response that we are really not making our point clear enough. Part […]

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What Exactly Is Revenue Cycle Management?

When you visit our website, one of the first terms you are greeted with is “revenue cycle management.” You see that phrase all over our site and when you contact our professional business consultants, they will also discuss revenue cycle management with you as well. But what does it mean?
Revenue Cycle Management In A Nutshell
When […]

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Anesthesia Billing Needs To Be Done Properly

As professional medical practice management firm, we understand the complicated nature of the anesthesia billing business. We are also keenly aware of the fact that changes in the anesthesia field are making it even more complicated to process billing. If you want to be paid for your anesthesia services, then you need our experts to […]

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Healthcare Consulting Experts Can Pace Your Way To Success

When you started your medical practice, you wanted to help people and make people feel better. But you also know that running a medical practice is a business and you need to keep your business skills sharp if you want your practice to survive. The problem is that caring for people and running a business […]

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Handling The Complex World Of Urgent Care Billing

An urgent care facility handles the minor cases that emergency rooms used to handle such as minor bone fractures and insect bites. While the cases handled by urgent care facilities are classified as minor, the billing problems can become a major problem to any urgent care facility administrator.

Our professional practice management services also apply to […]

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Payer Contracting Negotiation Is Critical To Your Practice

One of the sad facts about the healthcare industry is that there tends to be a very one-sided relationship between insurance companies and service providers. Insurance companies change their requirements and payment structures on a regular basis, but medical professionals rarely take the time to worry about their payer contracts. As medical practice management professionals, […]

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