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Remove The Worries Of Credentialing From Your Routine

Have you ever gone to submit a bill to an insurance company and have your credentials come into question? The problem you are experiencing happens regularly to even the most established medical professionals, and it is a very serious problem that our practice management professionals can help you with.

Physician credentialing is something that all medical […]

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Let Professionals Handle Your Cardiology Billing

Billing for cardiology and cardiovascular services can be complicated and time consuming. When your business is to deal with something as complicated as the heart, then you do not have time to worry about the changes in billing procedures and the new categories used by insurance companies for tests and surgical events.

Regional Medical Resources is […]

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Your Urgent Care Billing Is Part Of What We Do

Urgent care billing, by its nature, is a fast-paced part of practice management. When you try to take care of urgent care billing on your own, you will find that a lot of your resources are taken away from providing health care and are focused on the sudden needs that urgent care billing creates.

At Regional […]

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Billing For Pathology Services Can Be Complex

Our professionals understand the challenge in Pathology Billing. One of the things that we provide to our pathology clients is billing and collection service like no other pathology RCM company. Without innovative contract negotiation and collection methodologies, our pathology clients typically enjoy 15-20% increases in collections while placing full emphasis on compliance.
Many Types Of Labs […]

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Keep Your Orthopedic Billing In Order

Your orthopedic practice is extremely unique and presents a wide variety of billing issues. An orthopedic practice consists of several different types of medical professionals who work together to solve problems for the patient. A vibrant orthopedic practice has physicians, surgical experts and orthopedic therapists adding their expertise to customer care. It can be a […]

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Let Professionals Handle Your Radiology Billing

Radiologists have a lot of details worry about on a daily basis. From state regulations regarding radiology to making certain that each patient gets the proper set of tests done, radiology is not an easy way to make a living. That is why it is a smart move for radiologists to allow a professional practice […]

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Regional Medical Resources Is Proud To Announce The Addition of Phymed

In the never-ending quest to¬†provide services that meet our clients’ needs, Regional Medical Resources is proud to announce that we have¬†acquired Phymed Billing and Consulting. The benefits to our clients will be immediate and this acquisition will also allow RMR to expand our services as a more comprehensive business partner to the medical community.

To make […]

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We Get The Details You Miss In Outsourced Billing

A medical practice relies heavily on its billing activities to generate the cash it needs to survive. While a few medical practices try to do in-house billing, the large majority use outsourced billing. But the problem is that the outsourced billing organizations many medical practices choose are inexperienced or inadequate.

Part of our function as a […]

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Good Contract Management Skills Will Put More Money On Your Practice’s Bottom Line

As a medical services provider, your entire business is based on contracts. You have contracts with your suppliers, contracts with the insurance companies, contracts with the state government and contracts with the federal government to manage. It is not difficult to see how professional contract management can help you to keep your sanity, but the […]

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Our Eligibility Services Will Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

When you are running a medical practice, or any kind of medical services business, you do not have a lot of time to wait for important answers to critical questions. In the course of delivering medical advice and treatment, it is always prudent to work slowly and get the right answers. But the administrative side […]

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