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Why You Need A Professional Firm For Your Revenue Cycle Management

The idea of revenue cycle management started out as a process designed to keep track of income as it was brought into a medical practice and then tracking expense. But as the business world started to gain more sophisticated management tools, revenue cycle management started to take on a whole new meaning.

There is a lot […]

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Why You Need To Outsource Your Medical Billing

When it comes to processes that keep a medical practice going, few are more important than medical billing. When we act as your outsourced provider of medical billing services, we give you the most accurate and efficient services available. Despite the obvious benefits of outsourcing medical billing, we do find clients who question why they […]

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Don’t Let Your Medical Contracts Control You

As a medical provider, you know that contract management is a huge part of your business. Instead of manually managing your contracts, we have a solution that will allow you to manage your contracts easily and efficiently. When you allow us to show you our online contract management features that are part of our complete […]

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Some Cold, Hard Facts About Medical Collections

Medical collections is something that affects patients and medical practices alike. The medical profession spends a great deal of time and money chasing down funds that it is owed by patients who may or may not know that they are in debt.

There are a lot of myths about medical collections that often create a great […]

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