Our professionals understand the challenge in Pathology Billing. One of the things that we provide to our pathology clients is billing and collection service like no other pathology RCM company. Without innovative contract negotiation and collection methodologies, our pathology clients typically enjoy 15-20% increases in collections while placing full emphasis on compliance.
Many Types Of Labs For Many Types Of Needs

Our pathology billing services cover the broad range of pathology laboratories, including:
•    Independent
•    Physician Office
•    Clinical
•    Hospital Based
•    Reference

We are able to create a custom service for your laboratory and pathology needs and then execute all of your billing services as per the insurance company requirements while holding the insurance companies to their contractual obligations . If there is a patient portion of a bill that must be paid, then we are able to address that situation as well while treating your patients with compassion

Trust A Professional Organization

There is a good chance that your pathology organization has already tried outsourced billing and had less than stellar results. The billing industry does not require certifications and pathology is not the same as more traditional specialties.  That can make it difficult for your lab to find just the right organization to handle your back office needs and allow you to focus on doing your job.

We are much more than just a billing outsource organization. We are a professional practice management firm that is staffed by experienced professionals. We take your laboratory’s business very seriously and we apply all of our expertise to handling the billing needs of each of our clients. We never pass you off to an inexperienced billing person and we will always be there to offer you the kind of support and advice you need to succeed.

Let Us Guide You Through The Complicated Pathology Billing Process
We have all experienced the annual decreases in pathology and we know collecting funds is a complicated process. It involves insurance companies, clients and billing end-user patients. It also involves keeping all of these various billing methods separate and then monitoring each one until your lab gets the compensation it has earned. If you tried to do your own billing, then you would never have time to get quality lab work to your clients and that can hurt your professional reputation.

The best move you can make is to contact our practice management professionals and let us show you exactly how beneficial professional services can be. We will take all of the pressure off of your lab and let you focus on getting accurate results to your clients by their deadlines. You will be able to groom your lab’s reputation and start to grow.

Contact one of our pathology billing experts today and let us get you started down the right path towards profitability and success. Our experienced professionals know exactly how to take care of your pathology billing needs and free you up to make your business successful.