A medical practice relies heavily on its billing activities to generate the cash it needs to survive. While a few medical practices try to do in-house billing, the large majority use outsourced billing. But the problem is that the outsourced billing organizations many medical practices choose are inexperienced or inadequate.

Part of our function as a medical management organization is to manage your outsourced billing activities. We have a team of professionals who make sure that your billing is efficient and reliable. Without a professional organization to look after your billing, your medical firm stands to lose a lot of money.

Each Insurance Company Has Its Own Rules

It is common knowledge in the medical industry that every insurance company has its own billing process and it is expected that every outsourced billing company knows those procedures. All it takes is one mistake and your practice could be missing out on thousands of dollars that may take months to retrieve. We work hard to make sure that those mistakes never happen and make sure that your money arrives on time.

Not All Payments Come From Insurance

Each insurance company offers different types of coverage to their patients. In many cases, your patients honestly have no idea how much they are supposed to pay you for an appointment or a procedure. Billing your patients is always a tricky thing because patients will want to know why insurance is not covering the costs.

When we generate your billing for you, we make sure that insurance companies and patients understand their responsibilities. We encourage patients to call their insurance companies to clarify charges, but we also make certain that those charges are clearly stated on their bill.

What About Out Of Town Patients?

A visitor from out of state suddenly falls ill and is rushed to your medical practice. The visitor has insurance, but you have no idea if it will cover the treatment. Being a medical professional, you take care of the patient first and worry about the insurance later.

These kinds of situations are more common than you may think and they do create a wide variety of complicated billing situations. As a professional medical management company, we have the experience and understanding necessary to untangle this kind of insurance mess and make sure that you get compensated for the care that you give.

We Work Seamlessly With Your Office

A good billing company offers your office personnel the ability to access a live account information and see where outstanding bills stand. We integrate our billing services seamlessly with your office personnel and allow you to track everything. The job of a good outsourced billing company is to allow the medical experts to focus on healing and curing people. With our systems, your practice can focus on its business and not have to worry about getting paid.

Medical billing is a complicated process that requires experienced professionals to administer it properly. Our medical management firm has the professional experience you need to make sure that you are always getting paid the right amounts from the right people and that your patients are always able to get the kind of treatment that they need and deserve.