As a medical services provider, your entire business is based on contracts. You have contracts with your suppliers, contracts with the insurance companies, contracts with the state government and contracts with the federal government to manage. It is not difficult to see how professional contract management can help you to keep your sanity, but the money making effects of professional contract management may not be as obvious.

As a professional medical contract management organization, we are intimately familiar with every detail and nuance that comes with the contracts that you deal with every day. But we also want you to understand how our services will save you money and make your practice more profitable.

Making Your Contracts Profitable

Medical professionals are busy people who do not have time to read every paragraph of a contract with an insurance company or vendor. As professional contract managers, we can tell you that there are plenty of clauses in your contracts that can make you more money that you are not aware of.

Remember that it is your responsibility to make sure that you know what is in the contracts you are signing. Did you know that some vendors offer discounts to customers who pay their invoices prior to their due dates? We will show you how to adjust your business model to get more out of your contracts.

Taking On Too Much Risk

Do you understand the kinds of risks you are being asked to take on with each contract you sign? It may have been lucrative years ago to be a medical provider to your state government for worker’s compensation issues, but that landscape is changing. Many medical practices are opting out of worker’s compensation cases because of the risks involved.

You should never enter into an agreement unless you know the risks. We can review contracts for you prior to signing them and help you to avoid risk. We can also review your current contracts and make recommendations that will save you money.

Make More Money On Renewing Agreements

One of the more common trends we see with medical service organizations is they will simply renew their agreements, as is, with insurance companies and vendors. You can bring more money to your firm, and save more money on your supplies, when you allow us to negotiate payer agreements that are more favorable to your organization. The time to renew contracts is an excellent time for your practice to set itself up to make more profit for the coming year. We make sure that those opportunities do not pass you by.

Avoid Taking On Procedures That Will Not Get Reimbursed

In some cases, the terms that are not in your contract can be more costly than the ones you can read. As experienced contract managers, we know what can and cannot be added to an agreement with an insurance provider that will make sure that all of your services are covered. We will review your past service performance and compare it to the conditions in your contracts. We can let you know what will not be covered and give you the information you need to avoid costly losses.

As a medical service provider, you need to have a command of your contracts. Our contract experts will work with you to make sure that you are always protected and that your firm is getting the maximum level of profitability from each agreement.