Radiologists have a lot of details worry about on a daily basis. From state regulations regarding radiology to making certain that each patient gets the proper set of tests done, radiology is not an easy way to make a living. That is why it is a smart move for radiologists to allow a professional practice management firm to handle their billing.

A professional firm, such as ours, will remove the stress of trying to figure out how to bill each client and which kind of payment program applies to which clients. But even when you allow our firm to handle your radiology billing, it is still important for you to understand the basics of good billing practices. By understanding your radiology billing, you can ask us the right questions and get the answers you need to run your practice more efficiently.

Get Familiar With ABNs

As your practice management professionals, we give advice that will help you to run your business without wondering if you will be getting properly compensated for a procedure. Whenever you have a Medicare patient make an appointment, be sure to ask for an advanced beneficiary notice (also known as an ABN). When Medicare determines a procedure to not be medically necessary, it will provide an ABN to cover components of your costs. If you do not ask for the ABN, then you could be absorbing the costs yourself.

Stay Up With CERTs and RACs

Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) and Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC) will be looking for your dictated notes on each procedure to check for your accuracy. These kinds of audits can affect how much you get paid, if you get paid and if you will need to follow an appeals process to get paid. If you keep up on the information that these auditing companies are looking for, then you will reduce your need for appeals and you can smooth out your billing process.

Always Stay In Touch With Your Billing Firm

We pride ourselves on providing premium practice services to radiologists of all kinds. But we cannot offer you accurate services if you do not keep us updated on any changes to your firm. If you add equipment, change a protocol or alter a technique that you are using then you need to let us know.

We encourage open communication with our radiology clients and the need for updated information is  a big reason why. Your changes could affect your billing and we cannot offer you accurate billing services if you do not stay in touch with us on a regular basis.

We Will Work Together

Radiology tends to be a complicated profession when it comes to billing practices. Our billing professionals keep a close eye on any changes that may affect your practice, but we also want to work closely with you to keep all of your billing information accurate. There is a myriad of insurance requirements for radiology and it is our job to navigate those requirements for you.

By working together, our firm and your practice can create an atmosphere that is profitable for you and allows you to focus directly on providing your patients and medical practitioners the service they deserve.