In the never-ending quest to provide services that meet our clients’ needs, Regional Medical Resources is proud to announce that we have acquired Phymed Billing and Consulting. The benefits to our clients will be immediate and this acquisition will also allow RMR to expand our services as a more comprehensive business partner to the medical community.

To make sure that the Phymed reputation for excellence stays intact, we are also proud to announce that we will be retaining Rhonda Ramey, founder of Phymed. This means that the high level of service that Phymed customers are accustomed to will now be available to RMR clients as well.

Why Phymed Billing and Consulting?

The goal of Regional Medical  has always been to provide the premium outsourcing services that our clients need to run their businesses more efficiently. Phymed Billing and Consulting has a strong reputation for providing a industry leading revenue cycle management services for rehabilitation and physical therapy practices and this partnership will continue RMR’s commitment to the focused services that our clients need.

What Does Phymed Offer?

Phymed works primarily with rehabilitation and physical therapy practices and Phymed offers many similar RCM services that RMR provides. That means that Phymed has mastered a broad range of services that these types of practices utilize on a regular basis. With the increased focus on therapeutic services in the medical industry, it was the perfect fit for RMR to build further resources to our specialized assistance to our growing stable of clients.

How Will This Change My Arrangement With RMR?

The acquisition of Phymed expands the range of services that RMR can offer to medical practices. We believe it  builds on the product we offer to our rehabilitation and physical therapy clients and provides the specific attention and services they need to run a successful and profitable practice. This acquisition only helps to strengthen the broad range of services that you are already receiving from RMR.

Medical practices considering utilizing RMR services will now have plans arranged that meet their very specific needs.

We encourage current RMR clients and practices considering utilizing RMR services to contact one of our professional associates for more details on our services. We explain exactly how this exciting addition to the RMR family can enhance and improve the functionality of your practice. Give us a call and let us show you how RMR can solve all of your practice management issues.