Have you ever gone to submit a bill to an insurance company and have your credentials come into question? The problem you are experiencing happens regularly to even the most established medical professionals, and it is a very serious problem that our practice management professionals can help you with.

Physician credentialing is something that all medical professionals are familiar with, but it is not something that most professionals have time for. However, if you do not make time for credentialing, then you could find yourself treating patients for free in the local hospital, or in your own practice.

What Is Physician Credentialing?

Every insurance company, and most medical facilities in the United States, require medical professionals to submit credentials before payment can be processed or approval to practice can be granted. Credentialing is a long and complex process, but it is necessary for establishing a strong relationship with insurance providers.

Our practice management experts understand the credentialing process and know how to handle submissions to all of the various insurance companies and medical facilities. We will work with you to establish a profile we can use to get your credentialing done properly and on time.

Why Do I Need A Professional Practice Management Firm To Do My Credentialing?

When you submit your credentials to an insurance company and those credentials are approved, it is easy to make the mistake of thinking that the process is over. Some insurance companies require you to renew your credentials each year, which means that you have to remember to update your credentials for those particular carriers.

It is not uncommon for insurance companies to change their credentialing needs every so often and require their entire physician network to submitted updated credentialing information. If you do not keep up with your annual renewals and you do not submit the updates by the required deadlines, then processing your payments could become difficult. Your payments could get significantly delayed or, even worse, you may not get paid at all.

Efficient Credentialing Requires A Good Plan

We remove the hassles of credentialing by putting together a plan that will make sure that your credentials are always in place. Without your credentials, you cannot work in many hospitals and you will find it extremely difficult to get paid. We start the credentialing process early and we make sure that your information is submitted ahead of any deadlines. By beating the deadlines, we can deal with any changes the credentialing organziation may need and get your paperwork in on time.

We also do a regular check of your credentials to make sure that everything is in order. The last thing you need is to wait months for a payment, only to find out that the payment was delayed because of a problem with your credentials. As a proactive practice management firm, we eliminate those problems and help you to get paid in an efficient manner.

Our practice management professionals will sit down and explain the entire credentialing process to you and your practice. We will make certain that all of the insurance carriers and medical facilities you work with have the paperwork they need to allow you to care for your patients. We know that you take credentialing seriously, and we want you to know that we take credentialing seriously as well.