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Revenue Cycle Management, Medical Billing Company NY

RMR was created in 2004. Our team had spent years working in healthcare with and for medical billing companies that never provided a complete revenue cycle solution. The large companies dictated the billing process of the medical practice and the small companies provided a quality service, but did not have the technology and manpower to be successful. Our vision was born: Become a partner with our clients.

The goal and purpose of RMR was simple. Create a Revenue Cycle Management solution like no other in the market. The simple solution was to provide an operational design that ensures a personal and professional connection to the customer.

Each office includes an operations manager who is always in the office. Each client receives a direct contact (account lead) who is available in the office daily. We believe the customer should always be able to speak to one of our experts about their practice. As a result, we do not utilize automated phone systems. A team member will answer your call during business hours.

The RMR process utilizes customer service, expertise, and technology to maximize the practice performance and reduce costs:

  • Proprietary Software created
  • Customizable Reporting System
  • Data Conversion/Translation Service
  • Healthcare focused business analytics
  • Our services


Revenue Cycle Management, Medical Billing Company NY