As a professional practice management organization, it is our job to create a reliable claims process for our clients that maximizes revenue. When we say that to clients, it sounds impressive. But we can sometimes tell from the blank stares we get in response that we are really not making our point clear enough. Part of the problem is that we need to get people to understand the importance of a reliable claims process and what it can mean if your claims process is faulty.

Claims Processing Is A Full-Time Job

The moment that you decide to try and take care of claims processing on your own, you are also deciding to take resources away from the areas that need it. As a medical professional, you need to be completely focused on offering premium care to your patients. If you have to spend hours each day on claims, then the service you offer suffers and that can lead to a series of problems.

The natural approach is to get your staff to process claims, but the problem there is that it can take years of training to be able to effectively process claims and make sure that everything is done properly. Your staff is busy maintaining patient records and doing their best to keep the appointment book organized. You cannot take your staff away from their work just to process claims because your customer service will suffer and the clients you rely on for revenue will start disappearing.

When you hire a professional organization such as ours, we take care of your claims process and that allows you and your staff to run your business. We are also management experts, which means that we can help you to get the very best value from your staff and office procedures.

Improperly Processed Claims Have A Snowball Effect

When your office improperly processes a claim, then you may not get paid by the insurance company for your work. If the insurance company does not pay you, then your office may decide to bill the customer directly, which would lead to the customer fighting you on the bill. Instead of getting paid immediately by the insurance company, your practice is spending time trying to retrace steps and the whole problem snowballs until your practice is losing money each and every day.

With our staff of professionals, you never have to worry about improperly processed claims. It is our responsibility to make sure that your information is current with the insurance carriers and that each claim is processed properly. If an error is made, then it is our fault and we will not rest until the error is fixed.

Keeping Up With Requirements Is A Challenge

How well has your practice been able to keep up with the chances in insurance claims cause by the Affordable Care Act? Have you finished your HIPAA updates yet with your patient files? Every new year brings the possibility of new requirements from each of the insurance carriers you work with and your practice may not be ready for those changes. When you hire our professionals, you will be ready and your files will always be up to date.

When it comes to keeping your practice going, the claims process is extremely important. Instead of leaving your practice’s claims process to chance, you should bring in our business professionals and let us take care of the business side of your practice while you see to the health and safety of your patients.