If you do your own medical billing and practice management, then ask yourself what your success rate is for getting claims accepted on the first submission. Is it 70 percent? Maybe it is 75 or 80 percent? Did you know that every time you submit a claim for payment that is refused, it costs you money? Did you also know that refused claims can be avoided?

At RMR, we work hard on the details associated with practice management because there is so much money for you to make by attending to those details. We look at your complete medical practice and find ways that you can save a few dollars here and a few minutes there, and then we get it to all add up into more money on your practice’s bottom line.

Your Payment Claim Rate Should Be Nearly 100 Percent

Most payment claims that are refused are the victims of a process that really does require constant attention. One of your insurance carriers may have changed a submission rule and you missed the change, which means that you did not adjust your system to accommodate the new rule. The end result is that you spend months getting claims for payment rejected until you decide to investigate the reason and make the necessary changes to your process.

At RMR, we never let changes to a carrier’s process slow down your rate of payment. We monitor every one of your insurance carriers and make the necessary changes to your submission process. We work our hardest to keep your claim for payment success rate at 100 percent because we know that every day you do not have your payments means more lost profit.

Your Patient Screening Process Is Costing You Money

In a perfect world, you would have a process in place that automatically screens each new patient to determine who their insurance carrier is and what you would need to do to get paid for each procedure you perform on that patient. In the real world, you take on each new patient and hope for the best.

We don’t believe in leaving anything to chance and that is why we have a comprehensive patient screening process that gives you all of the information you need immediately. You can work on each patient knowing what you will get paid for and we will also help you to do billing and collections for the charges that are not covered by insurance.

One Wrong Number Can Cost Thousands Of Dollars

We guarantee the accuracy of our data entry professionals because we know how important their job is to your practice. One improperly coded form or one wrong number could cost you thousands of dollars and those are details you simply cannot let get away from you.

We keep a very close eye on every form and every number we are responsible for and we make sure your information is accurate. We want to make sure that when it comes time to bill for your time, you have all of the accurate data you need to bill properly the first time.

Running a medical practice is like running any other business in that the devil is in the details. The problem is that medical professionals are so consumed with their work that they do not have time to attend to the details of their practice. That is why we take such pride in offering practice management services that deliver quality and reliability. We make sure the details are all in order so that you can offer the best possible treatment to all of your patients.