An urgent care facility handles the minor cases that emergency rooms used to handle such as minor bone fractures and insect bites. While the cases handled by urgent care facilities are classified as minor, the billing problems can become a major problem to any urgent care facility administrator.

Our professional practice management services also apply to urgent care facilities and we understand the complex problems that can develop with urgent care billing. In order to get paid for the work your doctors do, you must have all of your billing in order and make sure that you are billing the proper amounts.

Urgent Care Is Not An Emergency Room

Both urgent care facilities and emergency rooms take unscheduled patients for emergency conditions, but the similarities from a billing standpoint stop there. An urgent care facility has three levels of billing to worry about and each case must be put into the proper category in order to be billed at the right amount.

The manner in which an urgent care facility bills its patients is dictated by the type of condition each patient has. The more severe the condition, the higher the bill will be. But the condition must be coded into your billing information properly if you are to get reimbursed for your entire amount.

Doctors And Insurance Companies Do Not Make It Easier

Some of your doctors may have a flat fee schedule they work with, and others may have an hourly rate they charge that depends on the severity of the conditions they treat. How are you supposed to run your facility and keep all of your doctor billing information separate?

What about insurance companies? In recent years, urgent care facilities have started to work with health insurance companies, but the relationship is very delicate. How much are you allowed to charge for a condition that is classified as minor versus a condition that is considered severe? It is all outlined in your insurance company agreement, but you have to find time to read it before you can understand it. Then you have to make time to decipher the agreements from each one of the insurance companies you work with if you want to have the funds you need to pay your doctors.

A Professional Practice Management Firm Has The Answer

Our business professionals know exactly what kind of challenges your urgent care facility faces and we want to help you maximize your income potential. We will set up a billing system that is easy to use and everyone can understand. We can also help you put together a system that will make it easy for patients to understand how much they will have to pay out of pocket for their treatment.

We can also help you to establish good working relationships with the major health insurance carriers in your area and set you up to take insurance patients. We take all of the complicated administrative work off of your hands and let you run your urgent care facility efficiently. We let you get back to taking care of patients and solving the emergencies you deal with all day long.

Call our business professionals today and we will put together a plan that will get you the best return possible for your urgent care facility. Let us take care of your administrative headaches so that you can focus on your patients and providing them with the best care possible.