The communication between a medical professional and their coding team is essential. One misinterpreted code could mean weeks of clean-up work and a significant delay in payment. But when you trust your practice management needs to a company that understands the importance of qualified coding experts, then you can avoid problems and maximize profits.

Coding And Auditing Professionals Should Be Medical Experts As Well

It is not enough for your coding and claims auditing staff to understand their job as coders. It is essential that they also have a comprehensive understanding of the medical profession as well. While you would not expect your coders to be medical practitioners, you do need them to be able to speak the same language you do in order to do their jobs properly.

With RMR, our coding and audit professionals are also medical experts. When you talk about your medical practice with our coders, they will know exactly what you are talking about and understand the significance of each procedure. This is essential in making sure that your claims are properly coded, which is why we take it so seriously.

A Good Audit Is Essential For Future Claims

We don’t just code your claims, we also audit your claims to make sure that everything is being done properly. We will go through each claim to look for any error trends that could be costing you money and time. We feel that it is extremely important to revisit past claims to check for accuracy, especially during those transition periods when insurance companies start changing their claims requirements.

Claim audits are activities we do on our own, without you needing to stop and request them. We do these audits as a part of our professional practice management service to make sure that your billing and claims operations are always running as smoothly as possible.

Professional Coders And Regular Reviews Are Essential To Your Practice

We are a coding provider that is also an expert at practicing medicine. We know the terms and understand the significance of each procedure. When you choose a practice management firm to guide your organization, you should never settle for anything less that true professionals. Our coders are experts in the medical field and will offer your practice the professional coding service you need to keep your billing smooth.

Our claims auditors are also medical experts, as well as insurance experts. When we look at your past claims, we know exactly what to look for and we can spot any kind of error. We catalog each error and then take the steps necessary to insure that the error never occurs again. That is our promise to your practice and the level of service on which we base our reputation.

When you utilize RMR as your practice management firm, you will benefit from the many years of experience that our business consultants have accumulated. We insist on only the very highest levels of service, which is why our coders and claims auditors are very fluid in the language of your medical practice.

We do not believe in offering an economy level of service because we know how important your practice is to your reputation and your future. That is why we utilize only the very best claims coders and auditors to help you achieve all of your business and medical goals.