RMR Revenue Cycle Management services include:

RMR offers a nation-wide, comprehensive Revenue Cycle service that encompasses all aspects of efficient billing and collections for health care providers and facilities. Our experts and systems provide solutions to end to end RCM functions for practices ranging from a single provider practice all the way up to a network of large health care facilities. We will customize a service that meets the specific needs of our clients. While collections are important to the Revenue Cycle, the patient’s satisfaction with regards to the business services has a tremendous impact on a patient’s continued patronage to the practice. RMR understands that without the patient, practices won’t survive and have built tools to better serve both the practice and the patient.
Our team of certified coders provide coding services for all specialties for both physician and facility charges. In addition to the CPT and ICD-9/10 coding, all accounts are verified for both LCD and CCI issues. This solution ensures that a practice always has a professional for all coding needs at a cost that is much more economical that staffing in-house. Additionally, Providers are experts at practicing medicine. To ask a physician to stay current with all codes and rules is a challenge for any practice. A misunderstanding of proper coding creates a great impact on incoming revenue and could be placing the provider and practice at risk of fines and penalties with insurance, state and federal governments. We Perform audits on actual patient claims and review all documentation requirements for meeting the coding levels for all patient visits.
Utilizing our team of A/R Specialists, RMR provides dedicated Accounts Receivable and Resolution services on both as a temporary or permanent solution to practices. Our experienced staff can maximize collections on the older, more difficult accounts for practices by assigning dedicated reimbursement analysts whose focus is directed towards the difficult and/or time consuming accounts. While providing our service, our A/R team also performs root cause analysis so that practices eliminate the core issues leading to delayed or denied payments from insurance companies.
A patient access system must exist to ensure eligibility verification is part of the existing workflow. An eligibility check should not require additional steps or rely on patients to completely understand their benefits/responsibilities. This information must be displayed and differences highlighted for coverage, benefits, demographics, and timeframes of patient care. Our eligibility and verification services provide a seamless process that keeps the work out of the day to day operations while ensuring the practice has ample time to address issues with the patient PRIOR to a patient visit. Many of our practices realize the increase benefit within the first two weeks of implementation.
We have been providing Revenue Cycle/Practice Management professional services to clients throughout the country for the past 10 years. Our services include every aspect of the Revenue Cycle. Some examples of our services are interim billing, Implementation assistance, interim leadership solutions, CDM/Fee Schedule analysis and redesign, organizational development/workflow, policy and procedure analysis, Key Performance Measures (KPI’s), and compliance. If your practice has a business need, our team is prepared to provide the solution or work with one of our partners to match your needs with an expert.
Over the past several years, the health care industry has endured a tremendous amount of change involving the increases in regulatory requirements and constrictive reimbursement environment. Of particular concern, the federal government has increased it efforts to investigate the authenticity of physicians’ bills, recoup revenues from overpayments and impose legal sanctions. Our Compliance services are a means to help groups reduce their fraud and abuse exposure. Whether you are a solo practitioner, a small group practice, or a large medical facility a team of Regional Medical Resources professionals is ready to assist your organization with the development, and/or review of its’ compliance program. Our approach is to provide your organization with its own unique, simplified compliance focus plan using a model that guarantees positive outcomes of ensured compliance and no sanctions against your facility.
ICD-10 has been delayed until October 2015, but now is the time to prepare your practice for it. This new coding system will add 55,000 extra diagnosis codes and the in-patient procedure codes grow to a whopping 87,000 from 11,000 in ICD-9. Practices must ensure correct understanding of the code usages. The AMA estimates that the expenses for the conversion would range from a minimum of about $100,000 to a maximum estimate that runs into millions of dollars, even for a small-sized clinic. RMR provides an all in one solution for all of your ICD-10 needs from training your staff to providing coding services for your practice. Let us know your needs, and we will provide a solution that fits your practice.
One of the biggest operational challenges practices face relates to physician compensation. Practices must establish a methodology that incentivizes the provider, meets regulatory compliance, and ultimately makes good business sense for the practice. The wrong compensation model can lead to huge consequences to a practice from losing quality doctors to creating a negative financial situation for a practice. The RMR team has many years of experience in developing compensation models for practices of all sizes and specialties. Some of the methods include RVU, percent of collections, and hybrid models to name a few. We welcome your call to discuss your practice’s goals to determine how RMR would assist your practice.
RMR was founded on the premise that we could not be successful without the right software. As a result, we created a team of programming professionals that take a very different approach to building software platforms and products. We are what we call, “User-Focused” programmers. To find true value and efficiency in anything, the user must be involved and the infrastructure of the product must be built around the process rather than users adjusting to software. RMR’s programming/software development team is prepared to develop your dream product to meet your practice’s needs. Ask of for a demonstration of some of our software products to better understand our programming capabilities.
Most physician owners or administrators of practices look to benchmarking to their operations. Financial KPIs such as gross collection percentage, adjusted collection percentage and days in accounts receivable (A/R) may already be in place. Other common financial benchmarks may include but are not limited to gross charges, adjustments, adjusted charges and collection percentage, write-offs, bad debt as a percentages of charges, days outstanding in A/R and collection agency recovery percentages, etc. These are standards that provide a guide for practices to have a basic understanding of their performance Practice Analytics/Business Intelligence provides a deep dive into the data to assist a practice in making informed decisions about staffing, locations, service lines, and relationships. RMR’s business intelligence analytics streamline the process of obtaining the proper data and turns the data into useable information that becomes an important part of business planning. Clients who have utilized Practice Analytics/Business Intelligence service typically see increased revenue, more internal efficiencies in the practice setting, and more areas for growth through confident decision making.
In today’s environment, health care practices and facilities can’t afford to allow accounts to go uncollected. No matter how efficient your current billing practice may be, there will be an increasing need for collection services for patient accounts that are not collected despite traditional collection efforts. RMR takes a different approach to collections. We provide a soft collection process that is the perfect fit for practices who do not want to take an overly aggressive collection process. We allow your patients a better opportunity to pay their outstanding balances through a more compassionate process than those traditional collection agencies.
Over the past several years, we have encountered many current and potential clients who were looking to grow their business through new or upgraded equipment but were not in the position to take the risk or they did not have the financial ability to make the investment.  RMR has partnered with several medical supply/equipment companies to provide an equipment leasing solution to our clients.  RMR’s team of experts provide a full profitability/Return on Investment analysis to ensure that the additional equipment provides the profitable scenario our clients desire.

We purchase the equipment and provide it to our clients to allow for additional growth.  This is a truly turn key solution for the client as we purchase the equipment, arrange delivery and installation and manage the ongoing maintenance of the equipment, while our clients simply make one single payment each month without the heavy cost of capital expenditure upfront. The perfect model to grow new lines of business for our clients.